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Reliable Recycled Fabric Supplier : Yi Chun

With the increasing impact of global environmental awareness, Yi Chun puts enthusiasm for environmental protection in each piece of recycled fabric. Recycled fabric has become increasingly popular among businesses due to its environmental benefits. As a reliable recycled fabric supplier, we are proud to offer a wide variety of environmental friendly materials that are both eco-friendly and of high quality such as recycled nylon fabric, recycled polyester fabric, and recycled PVB sponge leather.

Most Common Recycled Fabrics

1. Recycled nylon fabric - made from fishnets and industrial remains; the remaining material comes from industrial processes scraps of material in the factory.

2. Recycled polyester fabric - made from consumer waste; the waste material comes from used plastic bottles.

3. Recycled PVB sponge leather(R-Polyvinyl Butyral) - is eco-friendly and the best substitute for traditional PVC products. It can be seen as an unique product that reduces carbon footprint. Recycled materials R-PVB is with GRS(Global Recycled Standard) certificates, an innovative application on sponge leather.

One of the main advantages of recycled fabric is that it reduces waste and pollution. By using recycled materials, we are able to divert waste from landfills and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce new textiles.

Popular Applications of Recycled Fabrics

Yi Chun supplies recycled nylon and polyester fabric ranging from the lightweight 70D to the heavy duty 2400D depending on the final application of products such as woven plain, twill, rip-stop, and jacquard (dobby).

Recycled Fabric Backing Treatment: PVC / PVC Sponge / PU / TPE / TPU / NEO / Hydrostatic Film / WR / WP according to using products.

Recycled PET filament fabric is used for blankets, parasols, umbrellas, folding chairs, medical use stretchers, linings, traveling goods, luggage, backpacks, school bags, raincoats, jackets, shoes, hats, outdoor goods, tents, home decoration, car seats, aviation…etc.

At Yi Chun Textile, we are dedicated to providing high-quality recycled fabrics and custom solutions for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. Contact us for more details. As your recycled fabric manufacturer, we are happy to listen to any questions and needs!