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What Is Nylon Fabric?

Nylon fabrics are made from nylon fibers. Nylon fibers are made of thiamine caprolactam (CPL) by melting spinning. Nylon fabric has outstanding flexibility, alkali resistance as well as good abrasion resistance, moisture absorption plus lightweight than other types of fabrics. Besides, nylon fabric is easy to clean and has silk hand feels. It is one of the lightest textile fibers and has strong and flexible artificial fiber with good tenacity and elasticity.

Polyamide is the chemical name of nylon, which is made from petroleum products. It is seen as the most common synthetic fiber in the industrial production of products. When regarding nylon fabrics, there are 2 types of them - Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. and nylon fabric backing treatments might use PVC, PVC sponge, PU, TPE, TPU, NEO, hydrostatic film, WR, and WP according to final products.

What Is Nylon Fabric Used for?

Because of its strength, durability, and versatility, custom nylon fabric has become a popular choice for making a wide range of products, from clothing and outdoor gear to industrial and automotive parts - such as linings, travelling goods, luggage, backpacks, bags such as school bags, laptop bags and ladies bags, raincoats, parasols, umbrellas, jackets, shoes, hats, outdoor goods, tents, medical use, home decoration, photography equipment soft box fabric, covers and conceal.

Yi Chun - Best Choice for Custom Nylon Fabric Supplier/Manufacturer

Yi Chun custom nylon fabric manufacturer is able to offer a large variety of fabrics and custom made fabrics. We offer custom nylon fabric ranging from the lightweight 20D to the heavy duty 2520D (normal yarn 6 or high tenacity yarn 66) depending on the final application of products such as woven plain, twill, rip-stop, and jacquard (dobby).

Yi Chun Taiwan fabric supplier produces and sells 3 million meters of nylon fabric per month. We ensure to make the best effort to minimize customers' ship time and cost. If you are searching for a custom nylon fabric manufacturer to cooperate with, we would be your ideal choice!