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Yi Chun makes PVC Sheet, which is one of the most commonly used plastic products in the world. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers which also improves its performance characteristics. PVC abrasion resistance and light weight, a key technical advantages for its use.

PVC is sometimes known as “Vinyl” in Europe and more commonly so in the US. Vinyl fabric is a synthetic technical fabric and an ideal solution for many different applications including equipment, sports clothing, space vehicles, military, commercial tents, automotive components, advertising banners awning and covers.

  • Yi Chun supply flexible PVC Plastic Sheets includes:
  • Super Clear PVC film
  • Normal Clear Film
  • Transparent colored PVC Film
  • Translucent PVC Film
  • Super Clear Laminated PVC Film
  • Rigid PVC Film

Our PVC Sheets products give customers to adjust hardness and hand-feel and flexibility to achieve the optimal material solutions. All plastic sheets are packed in rolls and it’s ready for the secondary processing.
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