The best way to carry all your traveling gear as you explore the wonders of the world is to have a super comfy travel bag for no doubt. When we talk about “travel bag”, there are numbers of bags included for instance backpacks, wheeled backpacks, travel totes, rolling luggage, tote bags, packing cubes bags, messenger bags, luggage and duffel bags…etc.

Yi Chun specializes in the field of bag making fabrics, from a small size backpack fabrics to a large size luggage fabrics, providing in various styles and functions with the most fashionable style. We provide customized fabrics and textiles, cooperating with different brands’ designers worldwide, regularly develop new fabric styles according to the latest fashion trend and customer needs.

There are many types of fabrics that can be used for making bags; Polyester and Nylon are our main fabrics with PVC, PU and TPU finishing treatments that meet environmental protection requirements. Yi Chun also offers various kinds of linings for luggage and bags.

Luggage can be made not only from aluminum, plastic but also fabrics and textiles. A travel good luggage that is made of fabric is more durable and retains its original appearance. We offer Nylon fabric, Polyester fabric and artificial leather that are suitable for various weather conditions (Waterproof fabric, water repellent fabric, water resistant fabric, anti-mildew and antibacterial…etc.) and resistant to ultraviolet.

In response to various applications, various functional fabrics came into being.

We are confident to provide the highest quality luggage and travel bag fabrics to meet customers’ requirements.