With abundant supply-side advantages, Yi Chun Textile integrates upstream and downstream manufacturers, and tailors various competitive products for customers.

Yi Chun Textile provides the following high-performance fabric finishing treatments:
Color Fastness

We supply good color fastness performance in washing, abrasion fastness, and sunlight.

Water Proof & Water Repellent

Full implementation of the eco-friendlier C6 and C8 water repellent applied through stringent manufacturing procedures that provide clients with a water repellent effect that is equally durable to washing.


Hydrostatics is an additional choice developed in responding the high processing cost of water-pressure PU, and it is suitable to apply on the products of fabric as lamination and back lamination as backing.

Moisture Ventilation Permeability

Admitting air to the skin and allowing sweat to evaporate. We can provide solutions for customers to deal with all the problems during producing process.


It provides good durability against extreme weather and it is currently the most widely used in outdoor facilities and the marine industry. Extensive use for soft PVC tape from common masks, tents, canvas, yacht…etc.

Flame Retardant

Fibers are treated with flame retardants, coating or laminating to achieve the effect of flame retardancy to meet consumers’ needs.

Anti-Mildew and Antibacterial with Deodorization

Antifungal treatment is a finishing treatment aiming at inhibiting the growth of fungi on textile. Antibacterial textiles have a great use on medical use. Deodorization is the capability of a textile to reduce the amount of odor gas when it is exposed to a fixed amount of odor gas.


Standard PVC Sheet without additives could work under the condition above 33°F or the material will degrade and start to brittle and crack. The major advantage of PVC is the high degree of customization, by adding cold-crack additives, PVC sheet could stand in extreme conditions; depending on materials hardness, the maximum cold crack durability will be adjusted accordingly.


A type of protective coating or film applied to surface for mitigation against scratches.


Fabrics undergo peach processing so that microfibers form on their surface, creating a soft touch.


Seam slippage is reduced for common applications such as lining fabric after anti-cracking treatment.


Fabric surfaces undergo anti-static resin treatment to improve the anti-static properties of the fabric.