Military fabrics such as Polyester, Nylon 6, and Nylon 66 use 210D, 420D, 500D and 1000D for high tenacity yarns.

  • Feature: Scratching, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance (which prevent sweat from destroying its efficacy), waterproof and breathable coatings, tear strength, tensile strength, waterproof, fabric shrinkage and fabric wash fastness
  • Application: tactical vests, backpack fabric, backpack nylon fabric, military uniform fabric, raincoat fabric, sleeping bag fabric, tent fabric, awning fabric, hats, practical field bags, first aid kits, camouflage fabric , gas mask bags and straps for carrying weapons
  • Print Design: Camouflage printing design and multicam printing design, which are hard for hostiles to detect and identify.