“Easy to copy the LOOK, but hard to match the QUALITY.”

Yi Chun Textile was founded in 1988 in Taichung, Taiwan; we serve nylon, polyester fabrics, recycled PET Fabric, knitting, PVC FILM, T/C, Canvas, Spacer primarily in international markets, such as Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia with long maintained good trading relationships with various nations by providing professional global services.

Yi Chun Textile is a vertical integration company, including weaving, dyeing, printing, and coating processing. We also set up branch office in Hong Kong and China, so that we can quickly receive information and synchronized with the world pace.

We collaborate with some large group companies, and have the ability to integrate the fabrics into matching customers’ demands. Yi Chun persists in the best quality level, strict inspection and control on each batch of the consignment.

Our main B2B partnerships over the years including famous international brands in outdoors and sports, abroad and at home, such as Samsonite, RIMOWA, TUMI, Nike, Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Kipling, PORTER…etc.

The environment protection has become normalization all over the world, Yi Chun Textile has been focusing on the goal to achieve and establish a sustainable and eco-friendly standard in the textile industry and be the best teammate with our B2B partners.

  • 3Locations
    Taiwan / Hong Kong / China Zhejiang
  • 30million meter
    As of 2021 total number of fabric produced 30,846,594(30 million meter)/year
  • USD$20Million
    As of 2021 the business turnover with USD $20 million/year
Wealth of Experience in International Partnerships
  • Europe35%
  • America35%
  • Africa20%
  • Asia10%

Yi Chun Textile is grateful for the sources we have and gladly share with others.


Yi Chun Textile respects each teammate, ourselves, and the industry we serve.

Active Learning

Yi Chun Textile pursues professional growth, focusing on technological innovation and adapting the environmental protection following energy savings and carbon reduction concept.

Continuous Improvement

Yi Chun Textile grows with our B2B partnerships and aim for excellence and creativity while making sure the manufacturing process is reliable.


Yi Chun Textile wants the products to make our B2B partners feel secure in use for travelling goods, outdoor, sports, home decoration, medical goods and be with their every journey and adventure. Now we are ready to be at your best service.