Product R&D

Yi Chun has been deeply engaged in the research and development as well as innovation of textile products and technologies for quite some time. We prioritize substantial investment in fundamental research and the advancement of technology. Through the mastery of essential technologies in our core products, we have successfully carved out a distinct market presence on an international scale.
Across the spectrum of R&D, raw material sourcing, yarn production, fabric manufacturing, post-processing, and even fabric design of textile bags, our dedicated R&D team is intricately involved in every stage of production. This approach enables us to offer our clients comprehensive solutions and expert services tailored to their needs.

Fabric development

Yi Chun’s product planning is centered around fabric development, experts in a wide variety of yarn used for fabric design, emphasizing the creation of environmentally friendly textiles, functional fabrics, and materials for bag production. This includes the design and manufacturing of fabrics tailored for various purposes.

Yi Chun implements stringent qualitative and quantitative management to the highest process management standards. We uphold the business philosophy of honesty and quality, adopt the state-of-the-art equipment, and engage in automated production.

Strategic alliance & Technical support

Through the formation of strategic alliances, the collaboration of partners across various sectors allows for the initiation of design and development processes starting from raw materials, aims to create groundbreaking textiles. With vertical integrated supply chain, Yi Chun ensures that the fabrics can be achieved to the best quality and customers’ needs with quick response to all customers.

Functional Treatment & Finishing

Yi Chun operates sustainably with the concept of environmental protection and uses high-tech dyeing processes to save water, dyes and energy. To integrate Yi Chun's resources and use professional finishing and processing technologies such as fleece, cire, coating, lamination, rinting, non-fluorine water repellent, and softness to provide the feel and functional options required for various products; To achieve Yi Chun’s ultimate goals of cost-effectiveness, resource production, production process optimization and company trust through optimal enhancement.