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What Is Mesh Fabric?

Unlike most fabrics, which are woven together with tight patterns, mesh fabric is loosely woven, resulting in thousands of small holes on the surface. Our mesh fabrics are known for their durability and strength, making them an ideal choice for products that need to withstand wear and tear. Additionally, the open weave of mesh fabric allows excellent air circulation, making it ideal for hot and humid environments.

Mesh Fabric Applications

Because of its special structure, mesh fabric is widely used in the following areas.

1. Clothing: for clothing, mesh fabric is a common practice for modern sports jerseys Sandwich (Air Mesh) fabric. In addition, sports shoes, bags, clothing, seat covers are also made of mesh fabrics.
2. Outdoor furniture: It is also a common application like tote bags to patio sling chairs to furniture and beyond. The beach chair fabric is made of PVC mesh which can be applied to outdoor equipment.

Taiwan Best Mesh Fabrics Supplier

Depending on various applications, There are different weaves and thicknesses. Yi Chun mesh fabrics company can produce and manufacture fabrics based on your design. In addition to mesh fabric, we are also your reliable synthetic leather fabric suppliers. Feel free to contact us!